Minutes from 2018


Elder Meeting Minutes:  May 15, 2018

Present: Bert Banks, Holly Cook, Jack Curtin, Andrea Hounshell, Joe Perry, Nate Rector, Bill Rieth, Allie Snyder

Congregation Care/Concerns and Prayer

The meeting opened at 7pm with a sharing of care concerns and prayer.

Staff Concerns and Issues

Nate led a discussion about staff concerns and issues.


The elders discussed the topic of ordination and what the process might look like going forward.

Shifting the Student Ministry Model

Beginning in the fall, the student ministry will shift from the current Sunday night large-group model to a home-group model.  Small groups will meet in homes once a week for three weeks of the month, with a meeting for all groups at the church on the fourth week.

Volunteer Appreciation

Staff and elders will have a pancake brunch to honor volunteers on June 10 following the service. Elders will set up and help prepare the meal of pancakes, sausage and fruit. Everyone will be welcome.

Side by Side Ministry

Lisa and Steve Goldberg, who lead a ministry for married couples called Side by Side, will hold a question-and-answer session at Grace on Saturday, September 15. The session will likely evolve into a small group for married couples.

New Sermon Series

Nate is planning a series for September about love, sex and dating.

Strategic Planning

Bert and Bill will form a brainstorming committee designed to review facilities, finances and priorities for the next five years.

Elder Retreat

The 2018 elder retreat has been planned for Sept 20-22, location to be determined.

Elder Nominations

At the time of the meeting, three nominations had been received.

Upcoming Elder Meetings

June 5 (Bill’s house, 6:30pm) and June 26 (Nate’s house, 7pm)

July 10 (Bert’s house, 6:30pm) and July 24 (Nate’s house, 7pm)

August 7 (Holly’s house, 6:30pm) and August 21 (Nate’s house, 7pm)

September 4 (Jack’s house, 6:30pm)

Respectfully submitted,

Joe Perry


Elder Meeting Minutes: March 20, 2018

Present: Holly Cook, Jack Curtin, Bill Rieth, Joe Perry, Nate Rector, Allie Snyder

Absent: Bert Banks, Andrea Hounshell

Motion: On March 6, Holly made a motion to approve the Feb 20 minutes via email.  Bill seconded the motion and it passed.

Congregation Care/Concerns and Prayer

The meeting opened at 7:10 pm with prayer.  We shared care concerns at Grace and how they are being met.

Committee Success

Nate led a discussion with the team on how our committees are doing.  The consensus is that committees are functioning well. Chris Latta will be stepping down as co-chair of the Personnel Committee, leaving Cindy Hayes as the chair.  The team expressed their gratitude for Chris’ excellent service.


Although the elders unofficially approved the budget proposed by the Finance Committee some time ago, we realized we didn’t officially vote on it.

Motion: Allie moved to approve the 2018 budget proposed by the Finance Committee for $613,000.   Holly seconded the motion and it passed.

Tom Ledoux, a previous finance administrator at Grace, has been voluntarily handling some of Becky Crenshaw’s former responsibilities in addition to revamping the church’s financial systems.  Tom will be returning to Florida soon, but has agreed to continue to serve the church remotely for a small salary. The Personnel Committee will work out the details.

The elders discussed necessary purchases related to Sunday morning worship equipment.  New worship director Steve Goldberg resolved Nate’s microphone issues – without any expense!

Building Updates

Nate updated the team on the plans to use part of the Christmas Offering to update the lobby and the two children’s hallways.  The design and implementation plans are underway.  Some painting in the children’s rooms has already been completed.

New Staff Integration

The team had a brief discussion on how well new staff members Davy Nance and Steve Goldberg are doing.


The team talked about the recent sermon on baptism and the congregation’s response.  A baptism service is being planned for the near future.  Also, we talked about the plan to do two baby dedication services a year (on Mother’s Day and Youth Sunday in December).

The meeting closed with prayer at about 9pm.

The next elder meeting will be on April 17 at 7pm at Andrea’s home.

Respectfully submitted,
Jack Curtin


Elder Meeting Minutes:  February 20, 2018

Present: Bert Banks, Jack Curtin, Andrea Hounshell, Joe Perry, Nate Rector, Bill Rieth, Allie Snyder
Absent:  Holly Cook

Feedback on Two Services

The first Sunday having two services went well and there was good feedback. Fewer people attended the 11am service, but there was still plenty of energy.  Grace Kids volunteers were helpful and used. Once this six-week pilot is over on Easter, we will re-evaluate service times and attendance.

Ordination Discussion

The elders discussed the reasons for ordaining staff members, possible requirements (if any) for ordained pastors at Grace, and the meaning and importance of ordination in general. The discussion led to the importance of length of service at Grace before ordination.

Motion: Nate made a motion that was seconded by Joe to approve the following ordination requirements at Grace Raleigh. The motion was approved.

To be considered for ordination, the candidate must meet the requirements for elder as written in the Grace Raleigh bylaws, as well as a minimum of 3 years of vocational ministry, 9 months of which must be at Grace Raleigh.

Communion Changes

The elders discussed scheduling communion to best fit the church’s needs. They decided that communion does not need to take place on the first Sunday of the month, but it must take place once a month. As such, staff can arrange communion as they see fit, and must agree to a minimum of 12 served communions per year.

January Financials

The elders discussed the financial report sent by the Finance Committee.

Long-term Planning Discussion

The elders had an initial discussion of long-range plans for Grace Raleigh.

The meeting ended at about 9pm.

The next elder meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 6 at Jack Curtin’s home.

Respectfully submitted,
Allie Snyder


Elder Meeting Mintues:  January 23, 2018

Present: Bert Banks, Holly Cook, Jack Curtin, Andrea Hounshell, Joe Perry, Nate Rector, Bill Rieth, Allie Snyder

Baptism Policy Discussion

The elders discussed Grace’s current baptism policy and decided to revise it. Nate will draft the new policy and send it to the elders for approval.

“Discover Grace” Newcomers Class 

The first class for those visitors to Grace who would like to explore becoming partners will be on February 11 at 11am. The class will include:

  • A quick background of Grace Raleigh and the roots of the church;
  • A walkthrough of the strategy;
  • An explanation of the basic tenets of Grace Raleigh, including how staff and the elder board are structured;
  • An overview of service teams and small groups and the expectation that all partners will be part of one or the other (or both);
  • A clear explanation of the Gospel.

Upon completing the class, participants will have the opportunity to become Grace partners.

2018 Goals

Our main goal for this year is to reach the community and make disciples in this area.

Spring Golf Tournament?

The elders discussed Nate’s proposal for a golf tournament as a possible community outreach and Grace Raleigh fellowship event.

Review and Approval of January 9 Meeting Minutes

Motion: Nate made a motion that was seconded by Joe to approve the January 9 minutes. The motion was approved.

The meeting ended at about 8:45pm.

Addendum:  On January 30, Nate emailed the elders to request that communion for February be rescheduled from February 4 to February 11. The service on February 4 will most likely include several visitors and more students than usual, since it will be a META-focused service. The elders approved the change.

The next elder meeting will be on Tuesday, February 6 at Holly Cook’s home.

Respectfully submitted,
Allie Snyder


Elder Meeting Minutes:  January 9, 2018

Present: Bert Banks, Holly Cook, Jack Curtin, Andrea Hounshell, Joe Perry, Nate Rector, Bill Rieth, Allie Snyder

Guest:  Andy Page, Finance Committee chair  

The elders gathered at 6:30pm to share a post-fasting meal.

Congregational Care/Concerns and Prayer

The meeting opened at 7:25pm with a sharing of care concerns and prayer.

Church Finance Update

Andy Page updated the elders on church finances. Year-end giving was strong – December giving was about $190,000 (including the Christmas Offering). The church is in a much different position now than this time last year.

We still have debt – $137,000 is owed to the credit line. We paid interest only in 2017; this year we need to begin paying principal. Because of our improved cash position, we should be able to pay down on the credit line this month, to reduce debt to $65,000-$70,000.

Andy met with Tom Ledoux and Harris Winston and they have decided to close any remaining defunct designated accounts this year. The church will move to QuickBooks for accounting and simplify financial reporting.  The previous balance sheet was far too vague and complicated.

Andy said that communication between the elders and the finance team is essential. One possible plan is to report month-to-date and year-to-date finances on a regular basis.

Because Nate now sends a monthly letter to givers, it is no longer necessary to report giving and expenses in the Sunday bulletin.

The elders agreed with Andy that a financial audit of the church will not be necessary in 2018.

Sticky Teams Discussion

The elders discussed chapter 5 of Sticky Teams by Larry Osborne.

Second Service

We’ve been at 90 percent seating capacity at the 10am service for the last several weeks.

Nate proposed launching two services, at 9:30am and 11am, for six weeks starting on February 18 through Easter Sunday on April 1.  The elders approved.

We will return to one service on April 8 through the summer, when attendance is generally lower.

If the six-week two-service pilot from February 18 to Easter Sunday is successful and all other signs are promising, we’ll relaunch the two-service model in September.

Review and Approval of Meeting Minutes

Motion: Joe made a motion that was seconded by Andrea to approve the December 12 minutes. The motion was approved.

The meeting ended at 9:50pm.

Addendum:  On January 16, via email, the elders approved salary and other staff-related recommendations for 2018 proposed by the Personnel Committee.

The next elder meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 23 at 7pm at Nate’s house.

Respectfully submitted,
Holly Cook

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