Minutes from 2019

Elder Meeting Minutes:  January 2, 2019

Present: Doug Bergeson, Andrea Hounshell, Chris Latta, Bill Rieth, Joe Perry, Nate Rector, Allie Snyder

Absent:  Bert Banks, Wes Ward

The elders approved the minutes from December’s virtual (email) elder meeting.

Nate’s Proposal to Change Grace’s Mission Statement

All present agreed that, albeit perfectly fine and biblical, our present mission statement was so general that it failed to reflect the unique DNA, gifting and passions of Grace Raleigh. Because of that, it was neither effective in describing to outsiders what really makes us tick, nor in helping partners prioritize and set their course in life and ministry.

After much discussion, the elders approved the following new mission statement: Connecting People to Jesus – Connecting People to People.

Necessity for an Annual Church Business Meeting

We could not answer the question of whether we need an annual church business meeting until we confirmed if it was required in the bylaws (Joe to determine and get back to the board).

Policy Manual

Apparently, Grace has some 16 manuals that will undergo review (led by Nate) soon. Substantive changes will be sent to the board for approval.  As they largely reflect a different time and a different church, the hope is that a number of these manuals can be eliminated.  During this process each of our five committees – Missions, Personnel, Executive Personnel, Finance and Nominating – will be reviewed to ensure that they are still formed and purposed for the current church.

Mission Committee Budgeting

Given that last year we initiated the practice of allocating 10% of the operating budget to missions, Nate intends to reach out to the Mission Committee and ask for specific data – perhaps something as simple as a pie chart – showing how the money ($70,000) was allocated and spent.

Continuing Education

We approved the creation of a line item in the budget for Continuing Education in recognition of the profound impact it can have in affirming and developing our staff. The elders approved initial funding for 2019 of $8,000.

Christmas Offering – Gift to Princes

The elders approved giving Casey and Sarah Prince a gift of $10,000 from the Christmas Offering. Three key things to know:

  • It’s not clear exactly how much was raised in total due to some ambiguity as to how to designate funds specifically for the Christmas offering.  For example, there was no way if one was giving online to designate to the offering.  Nevertheless, total giving for December (the final tally is not in) will likely exceed expenses for the month by some $50,000.   So, there is money for all three priorities.
  • $10,000 seemed appropriate as we wanted to treat the Princes as we would our other vital ministries (e.g., we wanted to be both consistent and sensitive to the precedent set last year with our $10,000 gift to Faith Ministry for the purchase of a vehicle).
  • Before we made a final determination whether to give the gift to Ubuntu (in support of the academy, soccer ministry, etc.) or Acts of Grace (which directly supports the Prince family and their various needs), Chris Latta asked for a little time to make a few phone calls in order to assess where our gift was most needed.

Executive Personnel Committee

The elders approved adding the outgoing moderator (Bert Banks in this instance) to the Executive Personnel Committee for a term of one year in order to provide additional continuity.

The next elder meeting will be January 15 at Doug Bergeson’s home.

Respectfully submitted,
Doug Bergeson

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