Elder Meeting Minutes:  December 21, 2010

Present:  Doug Bergeson, Todd Boersma, Mark Cates, Mary Greene, Brad Gwinn, Murry Haber, Chris Latta, Mary Mason, Pat McInnes, Chris Radtke, Alicia Ross, Jim Salisbury, Michelle Starbuck, Kath Starkey, Joe Toomey, Drew Turner, Elizabeth Voiers, G Walker, Brain Worley

After opening with an hour of prayer in the sanctuary, the elders went back to room 119 to share where each was in his/her own processing and discernment about the pastoral search.  After everyone had shared, it became clear that there was consensus candidate.  And, as all in the room felt comfortable – after a great deal of time, tears, discussion, and prayers – in taking an official vote, the question was called.

In answer to the question “Are you prepared to call John Ulrich as the new senior pastor of Grace Community Church?” the final vote was 10 to 3 in favor of the motion.  As importantly, although the three elders in the minority were simply not at that moment in a place in which they could affirm John above all the other candidates, each of the three was completely supportive of the vote and confident that John was indeed the one God was calling to Grace!

After a couple of tries, we were able to get hold of John, who accepted our offer on the spot.  It was then decided that we would immediately try to set up a meeting in Greensboro the next day with the Phillips (which did, in fact, take place) and that Chris Latta would contact the other three candidates (Bill, Gary, and Michael) on Wednesday as well.

As soon as all the candidates were informed, the staff and the PSC would be told of our decision, and a church-wide email would be sent (it went out Thursday 12/23).

Respectfully submitted,
Doug Bergeson


Elder Meeting Minutes:  November 30, 2010

Present:  Doug Bergeson, Todd Boersma, Mark Cates, Mary Greene, Brad Gwinn, Murry Haber, Chris Latta, Mary Mason, Pat McInnes, Chris Radtke, Alicia Ross, Jim Salisbury, Michelle Starbuck,  Kathy Starkey, Joe Toomey, Drew Turner, Elizabeth Voiers, G Walker, Brian Worley

The meeting began at 7pm with a devotion by G Walker.

Minutes from the November 9 meeting were approved.

Approval of new church officers and committee members:

  • Sherry Gupton – President, two-year term
  • Karen Latta – Secretary, two-year term
  • David Brown – At-Large Personnel Committee Member

Approval to change Finance Committee membership from one elder member and three At-Large members to two elder members (one from each class) and two at-large members.

Finance Update from Drew Turner:

  • There is still concern that the giving is under budget.  We still need to have strong giving in December.  We have not used the line of credit this year and do not expect to.

The board prayed over finances.

Personnel Update by Michelle Starbuck:

  • Skip and Linda White will be hosting the staff Christmas party this year.
  • Affirmed staff roles and responsibilities will remain as they are as we head into 2011.

The board prayed over Personnel.

Pastoral Search Update:

  • The meeting dates of December 13 and December 21 have been added to the current schedule.
  • Carla Starr presented the AVA personality profile process and to-date results for the candidates.
  • Mary Mason gave a Communication Team update

The board prayed over the Pastor Search process, candidates, and congregation.

Brian Worley gave the Worship Planning and Staff Report:

  • The children’s holiday program for December 5 was highlighted
  • Special programming for the services on December 12, 19, 24 and 26
  • The staff reports were handed out.

The meeting was closed with prayer.


Elder Meeting Minutes:  November 9, 2010 

The meeting began at 7:30pm with a devotion led by Elizabeth Voiers.

Present:  All active elders, Brian Worley, and all six soon to be new elders.

Absent:  Brad Gwinn, Murry Haber

Approval of minutes from meeting on October 122010.

Finance update from Mark Cates:  The finance committee is preparing for the creation of the 2011 budget as well as lease and healthcare negotiations in January.  There is still concern about the current cash balance and we need a strong November and December in giving.  Several people will be speaking in worship on stewardship over the next few weeks.

Worship planning from Brian Worley:  Preaching is covered through the end of the year.  Details are still being worked out for Christmas Eve services.  Katie Henry will be our interim worship leader beginning November 28.

Pastor Search: Entire board discussed the past candidate weekend and any changes that needed to be made in the format for future weekends.  Finalized candidate weekend invitations and elder follow up meetings.

Liaison reports:  Mission report from Alicia Ross – The elders and staff have been invited to participate in the Advent devotion being designed by the mission committee.

Facilities report by Jim Salisbury- Many lights have been changed in the building and there is a need for more ushers.

Doug Bergeson closed the meeting in prayer at 10:37pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Elizabeth Voiers


Elder Meeting Minutes:  October 12, 2010

Present: Doug Bergeson, Mary Mason, Murry Haber, Brad Gwinn, G. Walker, Michelle Starbuck, Mary Greene, Chris Radtke, Chris Latta, Elizabeth Voiers, Kay Gamble, Mark Cates, Pat McInnes, Jim Salisbury, Todd Boersma, Drew Turner, Brian Worley

Meeting was called to order by Doug Bergeson at 7pm.

New Elders for 2011-2012 were introduced to the board: Todd Boersma,  Kay Gamble, Pat McInnes and Drew Turner in attendance and Joe Toomey, Kathy Starkey who were absent.

Devotion was presented by Jim Salisbury, followed by the opening Prayer.

Approval of 9/7/10 Board Minutes read into record.

New members were presented and approved by the board. New members were introduced as Julie and John Diets, Greg Roberson and Lisa Spears.

Mark Cates presented the Finance Report:

– Year to date giving was reported to be down 6% over last year

– Year to date attendance was reported to be up 9.1% over last yr.

– Update on lease negotiation – still pending

– Stewardship Sundays announced for November 7 and 14.

– Discussion on the emphasis of the message to the congregation was made.

– Next year’s budget process to start in November by finance committee.

Chris Latta was recommended for next year’s moderator and approved by the board and accepted by Chris.

Personnel committee report made by G. Walker:

– Board was presented a letter of resignation from Adam Herrod effective November 1, 2010.

– A day of celebration for Adam’s contributions to Grace was set for the congregation on October 31st.

– Love offering for Adam was discussed and approved.

Brian Worley presented staff reports:

– Children and Youth programs are strong and vibrant, with a good number of first-time visitors.

– A discussion  on who will fill preaching and music until the end of the year was made.

Murry Haber presented his report and expressed concern on the MDF (Ministers’ Discretionary Fund) that had only $700 left in it. A discussion was held on ways to convey the need to the congregation and seek donations.  Murry and Elizabeth will strategize on ways to advertise the purpose and need of the MDF.

Brian Worley recommended the board consider the use of Katie Henry to help fill the music minister role for November. It was agreed and Brian was to ask Katie to do so.

Personnel reported they are working on documents that will describe the Senior pastor’s role, job description, nature of reporting to the board along with hiring and firing procedures.

Time was spent reflecting on the joint Elder/PSC meeting on Tuesday October 5.

A couple of elder liaison reports were given.

Meeting was closed with corporate prayer.

Meeting adjourned at 10:10 pm


Elder Meeting Minutes:  September 7, 2010

Doug Bergeson called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm, followed by a devotion and prayer by Michelle Starbuck.

Present: Doug Bergeson, Mark Cates, Mary Greene, Chris Latta, Mary Mason, Chris Radtke, Alicia Ross, Jim Salisbury, Michelle Starbuck, Elizabeth Voiers, G Walker

Absent: Brad Gwinn

Staff Present: Murry Haber, Bill Johnston, Brian Worley

Pastor Search Committee (PSC) Members:  MaryBeth Brown, Pat McInnes, Greg Westfall

Guest: John Berry

Minutes from the August meeting, approved via email, were read into the minutes.

Bill Johnston gave the financial report. He stated the while giving is still trending down, our expenses are also trending down. Giving for the year is 5.7% under budget. He recommended that a communication to the congregation go out this fall to help explain the full financial picture and to make the congregation aware of our financial situation.

There was a discussion on the need to communicate about stewardship to the congregation on an ongoing basis.

We had a time of prayer for our finances and for effective communication on stewardship.

John Berry came to the meeting to discuss his concerns and questions about the announcement of Robin’s stepping away from the ministry while he is a candidate in the senior pastor search process.  He expressed his frustrations, from a congregant’s perspective, of having an “invisible wall” between the congregation and the elders.

The elders, PSC and staff addressed his questions and concerns. He stated he appreciated the time and clarification.

A letter from the elders, to more fully address the need and reasons for asking Robin to step away from ministry, will be sent to the congregation this week. Also, a proposed date of Oct., 8, 2010 was made to have a churchwide prayer vigil dedicated to this season in our church, details to be worked out by Mary Mason and Michelle Starbuck.

Note: Unless otherwise noted, all Board of Elders meeting are open to the members of Grace.

The PSC presented an update of where the pastor search process was to date. They also stated that the elders would now officially enter the process alongside the committee.  In order to help the elders better appreciate the breadth of this process,  three members from the PSC shared their personal journeys and experiences. A timeline with dates and procedures was discussed. A full application was handed to every elder with the directive to become familiar with and understand more fully how the PSC has been conducting interviews. The elders will now begin meeting with the PSC as the final phase of the search process begins.

We had a time of prayer for all aspects of the search for our next senior pastor.

A slate of the 2011-2012 class of elders  (consisting of Todd Boersma, Kay Gamble, Pat McInnes, Kathy Starkey, Joe Toomey, and Drew Turner) was presented and approved.

Grace will hold its annual meeting at the beginning of the 9:15 service on Sunday, Sept 26, 2010 with the express purpose to elect the next class of elders.

A recommended change to how we have historically conducted the elder nominee “vetting” process was also discussed and approved.

After excusing any staff present, G Walker led a personnel discussion which was private as it dealt with a compensation issue.

The two new member classes, which will be held at Grace Sept. 12 & 19, will each be attended by four elders who will be there for support and questions.

Staff reports were distributed by Brian Worley.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:30pom.

Respectfully submitted,
Michelle Starbuck


Elder Meeting Minutes:  August 3, 2010

Elders Present:  Jim Salisbury, Mary Mason, Chris Latta, Mark Cates, Brad Gwynn, Elizabeth Voiers, Alicia Ross, Mary Greene, Doug Bergeson

Absent:  Chris Radtke, Michelle Starbuck, G Walker

Staff present:  Brian Worley, Bill Johnston, Murry Haber

Guests:  Accountant representative from Thomas, Judy and Tucker, PA and  Bob Herrick

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm.

Our accountant representative was present to give the overview of the audit of our Financial Statements years ended December 31, 2009 and 2008. All was found to be sound and accurate.

Alicia Ross opened our meeting with a devotion and prayer.

Meeting notes from 7/6/2010 were approved by a majority of elders via email and that approval was read into the minutes and so noted.

Bill Johnston gave the financial report on behalf of the Finance Committee. Bill noted that for the first time giving had dropped in relation to attendance in a historical comparison. (In the past while attendance had fallen, giving had not fallen at the same rate. As of the end of July, giving had fallen at a faster rate than attendance.)

Bill also reported that to date we have not had to draw on the line of credit. Cash available was sufficient as of now, but we are as of the end of June, 7.0 % under budget, or $48,728.

A discussion ensued on the best way to approach this deficit.  It was agreed that the financial committee would review and recommend actions that may be taken to improve the shortfall.

Bill also announced that he and Pat would be moving to Florida and therefore he must resign his position. He is more than willing to work remotely and be present for future meetings as needed in the interim of Personnel deciding on a recommendation for replacement.

We then entered into a time of prayer for the gifts Bill has brought to his position and for blessings upon Pat and him as they enter this new season in their lives.

Doug B. updated the board on the Nominating process. Nominations deadline was slated for August 15, 2010 and the Nominating Committee would hold their meeting on Monday, August 16, 2010 to bring forth a slate on candidates for approval at the September Elder’s meeting.

We then entered into a time of prayer for the Nominating Committee process.

A New Member Class for September 12 & 19 was presented. Elders were asked to commit to attending one of the meetings to meet, greet and answer questions. Becky Crenshaw will contact and handle the elders who can attend.

Chris Latta updated the board on the pastoral search process. Chris explained that it was the PSC’s desire that candidates would be presented to this year’s board before the end of term for the 2009-2010 class. He was very encouraged at the quality and number of candidates and reported that they had already engaged in several Skype interviews.

A discussion then ensued about a congregational-wide prayer process for the pastoral search. Mary Mason agreed to come forth with a proposal on how best to organize and date this very important event.

A discussion and review of proposed elder letter to the congregation which describes some of the process, the level of interest and quality of the candidates, as well as addressing our approach with Robin becoming a candidate if he and Cathy so choose. The letter also attempts to address the concerns we have of maintaining the confidentiality of the candidates and seeks to preserve Robin’s privacy in the process as we move forward.

The letter was approved to go out by email and snail mail.

There was also a discussion about having an opt in or opt out of snail mail communication by all in the congregation as an opportunity to cut down on postage and printing expenses. It was agreed that this was a good idea and Brian ??? agreed to look into how this might be accomplished.

We then entered into a time of prayer for all aspects of our search – for the PSC, for the candidates, for our congregation, for wisdom in how to communicate effectively, for God’s hand and direction in all that we are doing.

Brian then presented his staff reports. He presented the redesign and fix up of Grace Hall and Atrium area as the estimates had come in to the committee working on this proposed project. Reports were discussed and Alicia R. suggested that if we do proceed with any form of this project that for every dollar we spend “on ourselves” we commit to spending on an outreach endeavor (or “someone else”).  All were appreciative of the need and value of the proposed updates and improvements, but concern was expressed, in general, about the wisdom and timing of doing anything expensive given our present budget shortfall.

No decision was made on the project or how to fund it. Further discussion will take place at future meetings.

Brad G reported that the Gymsox reunion was scheduled for Sunday August 15, 2010 along with a Youth missions fundraiser BBQ to take place that morning and early afternoon.

Alicia R. reported that the Mission and Outreach Committee had scheduled a planning retreat for September 19 and 20.

Bob Herrick then presented his concerns over the proposed building fix up as well as the reduction to Murry Haber’s hours. Much discussion ensued over both of these topics. Elders thanked Bob for his concerns, encouraged him that the “fix-up” was only in the proposal stage and no decision had been made. As far as his concern over Murry, several elders, including those on the Personnel committee, assured him that Murry was treated in all fairness and encouraged him to speak directly with Murry.

We then closed the meeting at 10:21 in prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Alicia Ross


Minutes of the Special Congregational Meeting:  Sunday, July 18, 2010

Doug Bergeson, moderator of the Board of Elders, called the meeting to order at 9:15am as there was a quorum (10%) of the membership present.

The purpose of the meeting was stated:  for the membership to elect a new nominating committee which will serve a one-year term through June 30, 2011.  It was further stated that the primary responsibility of this committee will be to bring forward for congregational approval a new group of six elders which will serve a two year term starting in January.

The moderator presented to the membership the following slate of candidates approved and recommended by the board of elders (each stood as their name was read):  Les Crenshaw, Holly Cook, Brad Gwinn, Mary Mason, Alicia Ross, Jim Salisbury, Hope Tharrington, and Tony Voiers.

A motion was made and seconded to approve the slate as presented.  A vote via raised hands was taken and all approved with no votes opposed.  According to the by-laws and policies of the church the moderator declared the slate of nominees approved.  A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.

The moderator closed the meeting with prayer at 9:20am.

Respectfully submitted,
Doug Bergeson


Elder Meeting Minutes:  July 6, 2010

Present:  Doug Bergeson, Mark Cates, Mary Greene, Brad Gwinn, Murry Haber, Bill Johnston, Chris Latta, Mary Mason, Chris Radtke, Jim Salisbury, Michelle Starbuck

Absent:  Alicia Ross, Elizabeth Voiers, G Walker

Doug Bergeson called the meeting to order at 7pm followed by a devotion by Chris Radtke.

The minutes of the June 2010 meeting were approved by all present.

The slate for the Nominating Committee (Les Crenshaw, Holly Cook, Brad Gwinn, Mary Mason, Alicia Ross, Jim Salisbury, Hope Tharrington, and Tony Voiers) was approved by all present.

The communication for the July 18, 2010 “Special Congregation Meeting” was approved by all present.

Bill Johnston briefed the elders on the giving and attendance. The Finance Committee expressed concern about the relationship between attendance and the trend of downward per capita giving. The majority of funds needed to pay for trips have been paid. We are presently 7.2% under budget for this year. Preaddressed and stamped envelopes are available in the Atrium and already several people have used them.

Doug Bergeson, G Walker, Bill Johnston and Ashley Parr-Henderson have met to discuss several issues concerning the Parents Morning Out (PMO) and Preschool programs. The focus of this meeting converged on three primary areas: organization, personnel, and finance and budget.

Under the organizational realm, it was recommended that the budget for these unfunded two programs should be moved out of the Designated Funds and accounted for under the Children’s Ministry Account.

Concerning personnel, it was recommended that since the individuals involved in these programs are considered employees of the Church, the Personnel Committee should take ownership of the personnel issues and ensure that these individuals are treated as any other employee of the Church. This would include performance reviews and salary evaluations when they occur.

In the area of finance and budget, it was recommended that the Board of elders consider a tuition increase in September 2011 to ensure that the true costs of operation are covered.

All three of these recommendations were affirmed by the Board of Elders.

Bill gave us an update on the lease negotiations and after discussion it was decided to table the issue and see if re-negotiations with the landlord could release us from signing on for a longer term lease to benefit from a rent savings in the first two years. The finance committee will again take a look at this issue before signing a lease.

Bill has looked into the possibility of electronic giving capability with TransactU, a part of ServiceU with whom we already use for online registrations. There is a 3% transaction fee for all electronic giving. Jim Salisbury is looking into the possibility of an alternative that eliminates the transaction fee.

Bill discussed the question of whether to post our financial updates on the new website, but he  felt that since these updates are in the bulletin every Sunday, they can be left off the website. The elders affirmed this recommendation.

The Children’s Ministry discussion has been postponed to the August elder meeting.

Michelle Starbuck reported for the personnel committee that there is still no money available for raises and/or bonuses. This will be reviewed again later this year.

Two directives have been moved from the Associate Pastor of Pastoral Care and Adult Discipleship position to the Assimilation Ministry. These directives are: new member/guest oversight and community life/small groups. These will now be under the responsibility of the Interim Associate Pastor of Staff and programming.

Chris Sasser’s position will become Director of Youth and Their Families, overseeing all aspects of high school and middle school ministries, staff and interns. There are 4 support positions under this ministry. The elders affirmed the recommendation that we consider Clark Rinehart for a high school internship position.

Murry presented a proposal for an adult discipleship team consisting of several church members to review and vet all classes presented at Grace. The elders felt that this may become cumbersome and have entrusted that task to Murry.

Chris Latta reported on the progress of the pastoral search committee. Three applicants have been interviewed via Skype and several more are scheduled for August. 345 people have inquired about this position so far, of which 73 are applicants. The PSC will be meeting weekly in August to do more interviews via Skype. The end date for receiving applications is being discussed.

Consideration of Robin in the application process was discussed and pending approval of the elders absent from the meeting, the board has affirmed the recommendation by the PSC to invite Robin in at some point in the process and to relate this to Robin.

Brian reported via Skype that the redesign team is now working on the design flow and price structure. Doug Funk should have something in writing by Friday, July 9. A discussion ensued about the cost of this project and how it will be paid for. Jim Salisbury expressed concern about asking the congregation for donations now when we might need to ask them again in a few years if we outgrow our facilities. Brian felt that this is the cost of doing ministry.

The Shame Off You conference is set for October 9 and the plan is to partner with other churches. The administrator will be sending documentation on price structure and details.

Robin continues to meet with Craig every other week in the summer and is hoping to have a time of reconciliation with the congregation on August 29.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:05 after a time of prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Radtke


Elder Meeting Minutes:  June 1, 2010

Present: Mary Mason, Murry Haber, Brad Gwinn, Brian Worley, Chris Latta, Jim Salisbury, G Walker, Chris Radtke, Michelle Starbuck, Mary Greene, Alicia Ross, Elizabeth Voiers, Mark Cates, Doug Bergeson

Bill Johnston not able to attend.

Doug called us together at 7:05pm and opened our meeting with a note from Karen Reardon, thanking us for the use of Grace hall for a piano recital.

Prayer and devotional by Mary Mason.

Approval of May 4 meeting notes.

Personnel committee report

Elizabeth moved to hire the three part-time workers for the middle school positions; salaries had already been approved in the 2010 budget.  Positions to begin this summer and continue until June of 2011.

Michelle and Cindy Hays have met with Sass and discussed his thoughts on high school ministry.

Finance reporte

Mark Cates, attending in Bill Johnston’s absence, reported that we are behind budget by a little bit — about 2%.

Finance is discussing rent reductions as we have been approached by landlord to rent for 2 more years with a promised rent reduction that would go until 2/2013.  Our lease is due to be renegotiated in Feb, 2011. The offer was for a reduction of about 2 1/2 %, it was suggested that we ask for a greater reduction as commercial space is widely available at this time.

Mark will report back on these discussions.

Website and logo report

Adam Herod and Chris Sasser looked through the new website materials today (6/1) and discussed issues with the process of the new site:

  1. They had used stock footage –  we desire real pictures of our church – pictures have been taken for this usage.
  2. The site calls all kids and youth – students. The site needs to better define the age groupings.
  3. The logo does not have the cross in it for now; we may go through the summer without it, they are researching the desirable cross to be used.

The site launch is hopefully June 4.

All staff will manage their own space on the site and make changes as they need to.

Pastoral search team report and discussion

Chris Latta reported that we are still in the early stage of the search but we have already received 270 resumes for our position of senior pastor. The original list of 160 have been narrowed down to 64 that will move onto application stage. The next meeting of the committee will be spent working  to narrow down the 110 new resumes received.

We all need to pray for the large job that the pastoral search committee is doing.  Many hours have been spent and many more will be necessary to complete their task. They will need prayer for endurance, discernment, for committee members to not let individual personalities get in the way, for the right person to be evident – one with a clear understanding God’s grace in our lives.

Chris reported that they are also sending out “no thanks”  (denial letters) to those that are not selected for application stage.

Discussion of Robin/Cathy Phillips, their future plans, and our search.

Ministry/staff reports

There will be a meeting with Craig this Thursday evening (6/3) for those elders that wish to meet with him and may have relevant issues with him.

Children’s ministry- a committee has been formed to dialogue with Ashley to help discuss final decisions for children’s programming for the next year.  Brian indicated that she may attend the July board meeting to make a presentation. The main discussions will center on the 11:00 am worship service/programming for kids.  The options are;

  • Keep the program closed at 11:00 until further committee discussion.
  • Open back up programming at 11:00.
  • Leave it as is until the elder board discussion on this issue and possibly reopen programming in early 2011.

We reviewed Doug Funk’s wish list for the redesign of Grace hall and the atrium. John Bradford’s company will measure out the building and layout the redesign ideas. There are no monies in the budget for this dream- it will need financing. The idea is to create an environment that embraces and invites folks into the building and gives good directions for activities.

Shame Off You conference – done by Robin’s pastor in a Saturday conference form 9 am to 3 pm. Grace might sponsor it with conference fees charged and special funding.

The “Defining Worship” discussion has been delayed until the fall.

Liaison reports:

Trips- locally and international this summer- all need prayer.

Youth will be holding a fundraiser on 8/15 to cover their trips.

Facilites group has met and will begin preparing a comprehensive list of building use as to who, what, when, repairs needed and how much moving of stuff is done on a regular basis.

Adult discipleship reported on the Bible/ book studies available for all this summer on Sunday mornings and Wednesday mornings and evenings.

Missions – held their first “Missions Moment” – very successful.

Are trying to find out where the $$ for missions are spent.

Working on building a team of the whole church for missions.

ABRO group will arrive June 15.

Adult mission trip will be in October.  If Mexico is still unstable the monies for building the houses will be sent so that the work can continue.

We closed the meeting with community prayer for all our discussions and for Brian’s summer ministry trips.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Mason


Elder Meeting Minutes:  May 4, 2010

Present: Bill Johnston, Mary Mason, Brad Gwinn, Brian Worley, Chris Latta, Jim Salsbury, Mark Cates, G Walker, Chris Radtke, Michelle Starbuck, Mary Greene Alicia Ross, Elizabeth Voiers and Doug Bergeson

Absent: Murry Haber

Doug Bergeson called the meeting to order at 7:00

Prayer and devotion by Chris Latta

Approval of 4/6 minutes, Tom Proctor as Treasurer and Lura Pieringer as at-large finance member.

Finances and Attendance –  Bill Johnston: Sunday May 2, our 10 anniversary was a great success with 855 in attendance. Giving was at $36,590. Audit will start Monday 5/10.

Middle School Proposal: Brian Worley talked about plan for fall for middle school. Kim Polston, Jenna Carter and Matt Berry would lead on a weekly basis. Asking for a 10-month commitment. Would start June 1 (Matt) and August 1 (Jenna and Kim).  Personnel Committee is having staffing discussions around Assimilation and High School Ministries.

Prayer time for finances and middle school

Update on website and computer upgrades: Brian Worley

Brian shared with elders about the new website which looked great and will launch by June 4.

Talked about different options that the website would have.

Discussion about new Grace logo and is it acceptable being lower case

Should there be a cross in the logo yes or no

Can the logo be changed at a later date with out incurring a cost?

Computers upgrades new Shelby server up this Monday 5/10, Becky and Ashley have new computers

Assimilation Plan: Brian Worley

Google GCC would come up first or much higher in the search engine

Met with Doug Funk about updates to the atrium and repainting the purple wall a new color.

July 6 deadline to make list and team to make this happen by 8/15.

Consider bringing in one person from outside to help the team

New welcome cards not working, not enough staff to make follow up happen

Update on Pastoral Search: Chris Latta

Official search will start May 5 with a link to the search page until the new web site is available on June 4

Discussion: Egalitarian vs. Complementarian – Biblical Basis and Thoughts

Prayer for the search process and who we might hire?

Update of Children’s Ministry: Brian Worley

Decided for the 11:00 service children ministry would end mid-May until mid-September.

Set up Task Force to focus on Children’s ministry within the overall strategy and priorities of Grace.  Task force will include: Ashley, Brian, Mary Greene, Michelle Starbuck, Mary Mason and other members TBA

Liaison Reports/Staff Reports

New Bible study starting Wednesday, June 2 led by Murry Haber on Following Jesus

Mission: Has been approved to have someone from missions more prominent during worship once a month. Lynn (Doug Bergeson’s sister) will be here in May.

Murry: Is in Texas caring for his parents

Jim Salisbury: How can we help the unemployed at Grace? Jim plans a meeting on June 6 on how to proceed with this task. Suggestion from Mark Cates to send them to St. Andrews because of their existing program for the unemployed.

Reflections on May 2

Thanks to all of the people who helped to make it a great day.

Cardboard testimonies were well received

Great moment for Murry and Sharon at the 11:00 service

Close with prayers of thanksgiving and thank goodness not another song

Adjourn at 10:05pm

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Latta

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Note:  Minutes from elder meetings held prior to May 2010 are archived in binders at the Grace offices.