Elder Meeting Minutes:  December 11, 2012

Elders present:  Jim Adams, Holly Cook, Cindy Hays, Pat McInnes, Barbara Osborne, Chris Radtke, Kathy Starkey, Joe Toomey, Drew Turner, Harris Winston, Barb Sibley, Jack Curtin, Alec Sharpe, and Kay Gamble

Pastors present:  John Ulrich and Brian Worley

The meeting opened with dinner at 6pm followed by a time of fellowship.

Barb Sibley thanked the current board for their service and many current board members spoke about things they had learned during the year and shared wisdom on recommendations for the 2013 board.

Joe Toomey led the board in a time of prayer.  The board shared Communion, prepared by Barb and administered by John Ulrich.

The final Personnel Committee member for 2013 accepted the offer to join.  Joe Toomey made a motion, “To approve Ken Taylor as the last addition to the Personnel Committee.”  Drew Turner seconded and the motion was approved.

Nominating Committee candidates for 2013 were reviewed and an ordered list was compiled so that the current Nominating Committee could ask these individuals if they would be willing to serve.  Once 7 members were identified the Elders would approve via email that these candidates be presented to the congregation.

The discussion on the revisions to the Grace Handbook and policies occurred and all 2013 Elder board members were provided with copies of policy revisions and clarifications.  Many thanks to Holly Cook and the Governance Transition Team.

The Governance Transition Team made four recommendations on areas in the policy manual that they did not feel comfortable making changes to without additional input.  These four recommendations were discussed and motions were made on each.  The motion was made that the 2013 Elder Board would take responsibility for making sure these four areas were reviewed and execution was made for there revision in the policy manual.

Recommendation 1:  Motioned by Joe Seconded by Kay Gamble and approved.

Recommendation 2:  Motioned by Joe Toomey, seconded by Harris and approved

Recommendation 3:  Motioned by Joe Toomey, seconded by Chris Radtke and approved

Recommendation 4:  Motioned by Joe Toomey, seconded by Kathy Starkey and approved.

Personnel report was given by Cindy Hays.  The parents meeting that occurred on December 9 went well, only about 10 parents attended and there were no concerns or questions addressed.  A follow up letter will go out this week as follow up.  The Children’s Ministry Task Team members were announced and are as follows:  Michelle Starbuck (Chair), Brian Worley, Barbara Osborne, Beth Gentile, DJ Hill and Katie Hemp.  That team is in the process of coming up with members for the Search Team and Greg Westfall has agreed to serve.  Interim Children’s Ministry Director discussion occurred, a motion was made by Cindy Hays to approve Erin Winston as Interim Children’s Ministry Director on a volunteer basis for the first two months of the year.  Seconded by Pat McInnis and approved.

Housing Allowance letters for John Ulrich, Brian Worley and Murray Haber were presented to Drew Turner, as Finance Committee Chair.  Drew Turner motioned that the board accept these letters and approve the housing allowance designations.  Joe Toomey seconded and motion was approved.

January 6, 2013, was the date settled on for 2013 Elder Board ordination and commissioning.

The meeting closed in prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Harris Winston


Elder Meeting Minutes:  December 4, 2012

Elders present:  Jim Adams, Holly Cook, Cindy Hays, Pat McInnes, Barbara Osborne, Chris Radtke, Kathy Starkey, Joe Toomey, Drew Turner, Harris Winston, Barb Sibley, Jack Curtin, Alec Sharpe, and Kay Gamble via conference call

Pastors present:  John Ulrich and Brian Worley

The meeting opened with dinner at 6:00pm followed by a time of fellowship.

Harris Winston provided the devotion for the evening and opened the meeting in prayer.

Joe Toomey made a motion to approve revisions made to the November minutes, Harris seconded, and the motion was approved.

Discussion on the slates for new Finance and Personnel Committee members ensued as names were provided by the Nominating Committee.  Only one spot remained to be filled on the Personnel Committee.

Discussion on new Church Officers.

Drew Turner made a motion, “To accept the Nominating Committees recommendations for new Finance, Personnel Committee members, and new Church Officer positions.”  Cindy Hays Seconded and the motion was approved.

Finance Committee:

  • David Osborne (Chair)
  • Mark Cates
  • Corey Simpson
  • Kathy Starkey
  • Skip White

Personnel Committee:

  • Cindy Hays (Chair)
  • Greg Westfall
  • Hope Tharrington
  • David Matzer
  • TBD

Church Officers:

  • President:  Jim Salisbury
  • Secretary:  Hope Tharrington
  • Treasurer:  Mark Cates
  • Assistant Secretary:  Barb Sibley (Moderator)

2013 Nominating Committee discussion took place; Joe Toomey was to provide a list of potential candidates for these positions with more discussion to occur about these individuals next week December 11, 2012.

John Ulrich led discussion on time he had been spending in prayer about Grace Vision and his desire to re-organize New Member class concepts.  The feedback was positive on the concepts John reviewed with the Elders.  The following are the desires we have for New Members:

  • To ensure that each person has a growing relationship with God
  • To enable each new member to get anchored into Grace
  • To clarify the Expectations of members at Grace
    • Faith
    • Character
    • Community
    • Stewardship

The idea of a Sermon Series on these same topics was discussed and feedback was positive.

Cindy Hays and Brian Worley led a discussion on Personnel Updates.  Barbara Osborne had done a great job as host for parents and kids in Faithtown, many thanks to Barbara.  Michelle Starbuck has agreed to chair the Children’s Ministry Task Team.  Interim Children’s Ministry Director is still being pursued, more information to follow next week.  Children’s Ministry Parents meeting to occur on December 9. Additional staff updates were given.

The meeting was closed in prayer by Pat McInnes.



Elder Meeting Minutes:  November 6, 2012 – Revised 11/13/12

Attendees: Jim Adams, Harris Winston, Jack Curtin, Barb Sibley, John Ulrich, Alec Sharpe, Cindy Hays, Holly Cook, Pat McInnes, Kathy Starkey, Brian Worley, Chris Radtke, Drew Turner

The meeting was started at 6:00 with dinner. A devotional reading from The Blessed Life by Robert Morris was delivered by Drew Turner followed by a prayer.

A shepherding meeting will be held at the church on Tuesday evening from 7:00 to 8:00. The theme will be silence in worship. The leaders will be Barb and Pat. A suggestion was made to read chapters 7 and 8 of Face Down if possible.

The group discussed elder roles for the new elders beginning in 2013. Harris made a motion that was seconded and passed by voice vote to elect Barb Sibley as the moderator of the new board. Additional discussion of other roles took place as well. Drew spoke about the work of the finance committee, Cindy spoke about the personnel committee, and Pat spoke about the nominating committee. (Subsequent to the meeting, assignments were made as follows: Finance Liaison – Harris Winston, Nominating Liaison – Alec Sharpe, Personnel Liaison – Holly Cook and Executive Personnel member – Jack Curtin.)

A discussion of the three church officers took place and it was noted that all of the existing officers have completed a four year term and need to be replaced. Currently Sherry Gupton is President, Karen Latta is Secretary and Tom Proctor is Treasurer. The nominating committee is meeting on November 14th to nominate members to fill the open positions on both finance and personnel committees. Suggestions should be made to Joe Toomey. The 2012 board will vote on these positions. A new nominating committee will begin in January.

We reviewed the policy on communion. Changes were recommended and discussed. Cindy made a motion to approve the policy with the changes. It was seconded and approved by voice vote.

The new policy is as follows:

Resting elders, sitting elders and all pastors are the only part of the body ordained to administer and serve communion. They are set apart to shepherd the congregation and serve both Christ and the church in remembering the life of Christ. The recruitment of elders to serve communion, the spiritual leadership of those elders, and the serving of communion are roles of the elders and pastors at Grace.

Responsibilities for the monthly management, upkeep and materials for communion are under the leadership the Music and/or Worship Ministry. The director or leader of the Music and/or Worship Ministry will implement the ministry of communion as scheduled by the worship development of our church. This role will be part of the job description of the director or appointed leader of this ministry. The director or appointed leader of this ministry is encouraged to seek active participation from church members in this important aspect of worship.

Holly is going back to the governance committee to see if they are willing to be available to assist with the governance implementation.

A discussion took place about changes within the children’s ministry. The process went well with Ashley. The subsequent meeting with the parents also went well. Barbara Osborne has agreed to serve as the interim director to greet on Sunday mornings from November 6th to December 16th. Julie Sauls will be handling administration during this time. After December 16th a new interim will be appointed. A motion was made and approved specifying that the interim director will not be allowed to serve as the permanent director. The interim job will be about 15 hours a week. A determination has not been made about paying the second interim director. Further discussion will take place at the shepherding meeting about paying the second interim. Barbara will work unpaid.

A discussion took place regarding church finances. Drew reported that the giving budget is $1,250,000 and that we tentatively are expecting actual giving to be $1,150,000. Based on actual expenses, we expecting a shortfall of about $70,000 for the year. Drew went on to explain that,based on recent giving trends, the finance committee would be recommending a $65,000 reduction in staffing expenses and a $35,000 reduction in operating expenses for the 2013 budget. Additionally, a request will be made for ministries to reduce expenses about $10,000 next year.

A recommendation has been made by the mission committee to invite Restoration church to join us in serving the Thanksgiving dinner at Duke. The elders signified their agreement with this plan by email. John noted that he wanted to share this plan with the congregation.

The meeting was closed in prayer by John.


Elder Meeting Minutes:  October 2, 2012

Elders in Attendance: Jim Adams, Holly Cook, Cindy Hays, Pat McInnes, Barbara Osborne, Chris Radtke, Kathy Starkey, Joe Toomey, Drew Turner, Harris Winston, Barb Sibley, Jack Curtin

Elders Absent: Alec Sharpe, Kay Gamble

Pastors in Attendance: John Ulrich, Brian Worley

Our meeting began with dinner at 6:00 p.m. which included welcoming our new elders, Jack Curtin and Barb Sibley, along with returning elders Holly Cook and Harris Winston. The work of the nominating committee was appreciated and celebrated.

At 7:00 p.m. Chris Radtke led with a devotion.

John then spoke regarding the shepherding of elders and the congregation. He divided the elders into three groups and we prayed for the issues facing our church at the moment: Ashley Henderson and  her family;  the future of the children’s ministry; and for Grace in general. We reunited and continued in prayer as a group for the families that have children in Faithtown. The names of these families were divided among our elders so that we can reach out to them and express our concern and availability as we shepherd them. Each elder was assigned about 5 families.

Cindy Hays then reported from the Personnel Committee their concerns regarding the departure of our Children’s Ministry Director and asked for guidance as to how to move forward in Children’s Ministry staffing. Teachers are lined up through the entire year and Faithtown will continue as it is.

Several scenarios were discussed, including having a volunteer interim director. Further discussion will take place before a definite decision is made. Drew Turner made a motion to empower the Personnel Committee to do what is necessary to identify a volunteer interim director and have the elders be apprised of their work before making a final decision. Harris Winston seconded the motion and the motion was passed.

We were encouraged to be in continual prayer regarding this issue.

David Osborne then joined our meeting to report from the Governance Transition team. David distributed the document that had already been emailed to the elders which clearly defined the roles of the church’s committees. There was much discussion that followed regarding clarification of elder liaisons to the committees.

Joe Toomey made a motion to amend the first paragraph under Committee Composition  item #6 – Committees of the Board to include the following wording: “The elder serving as committee liaison has no administrative duties, but is responsible for reporting committee business to the rest of the board and bringing direction from the board to the committee.” Holly Cook seconded the motion and the motion was passed.

Discussion ensued regarding the question of who the committee chair is responsible to and what is the accountability of the chairperson since it will no longer be an elder.

Harris Winston made a motion to add the following under the chairperson’s responsibilities: “To set the meeting agenda with input from the liaison and the pastor.” Joe Toomey seconded the motion and it was passed.

There were several questions regarding item #7 – Altar Guild. Brian expressed concern that the responsibilities will ultimately fall on the worship director and that raises a question of who has the authority as to how the work will be accomplished. The transition team will again consider the wording of the explanation of the altar guild responsibilities.

David Osborne was then thanked for his and the team’s diligent work. David was dismissed from the meeting.

Cindy then completed the report to the Board from the Personnel Committee.

Drew Turner distributed the financial documents that reflected a need in the cash flow area. Because our line of credit may be shrunk or withdrawn since we have not used it in several years, Drew made a motion to approve a drawdown on the line of credit for $15,000 between now and the next elder meeting. Jim Adams seconded and the motion was passed.

Stewardship was discussed and agreed upon that it cannot be a casual effort for next year. It needs to be deliberate and proactive relating a positive message.

The meeting was ended in prayer by Joe Toomey.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Radtke


Elder Meeting Minutes:  September 4, 2012

Attending:  Jim Adams, Holly Cook, Cindy Hays, Pat McInnes, Barbara Osborne, Kathy Starkey, Joe Toomey, Drew Turner, John Ulrich, Harris Winston, Brian Worley

Absent:  Kay Gamble, Chris Radtke

  1. Kristen Hoyle and Megan Olson from Thomas Judy & Tucker presented their 2012 audit of Grace Community.  They reported complete cooperation from management and staff at Grace.  They gave us 5 recommendations which Brian addressed.
  2. Pat presented a devotion ‘walking in a relaxed manner’.
  3. Joe presented the 2013 elder slate and opened discussion of any remaining questions.  Joe made a motion that Barb Sibley be placed on the 2013 slate for BOE. Jim seconded. The motion was approved.  Joe made a motion that Holly Cook be placed on the 2013 slate.  Cindy seconded. The motion was approved.   Joe made a motion that Harris Winston be placed on the 2013 slate. Cindy seconded. The motion was approved.  Joe made a motion that Alex Sharpe be placed on the 2013 slate. Harris seconded.   The motion was approved.  Joe made a motion that Jack Curtin be placed on the 2013 slate, Jim seconded.  The motion was approved.
  4. David Osborne opened a discussion of the documents prepared by the Governance Transition Team.  Joe made a motion that we approve recommendation #1/ organization chart.  Harris seconded. Motion approved.  Joe made a motion that we approve recommendation #2/role of moderator as ammended (Moderator to serve 2-year term with option of 1 additional year for maximum of 3-year term as moderatorsubject to approval of the board).   Jim seconded.  Motion approved.  Joe made a motion that we approve recommendation #3/ role of elders. Cindy seconded.  Motion passed.  Joe made a motion that recommendation #4/role of senior pastor/executive pastor be passed.   Joe made a motion that recommendation #5/committees be passed as modified.  (Committee chair may serve up to a maximum 3-year term with annual approval of BOE.  2-year commitment preferred.)   John seconded.   Motion passed.  Recommendation #6 sent back to team for additional detail.
  5.  Drew Turner reported on the stewardship campaign.  They were pleased to announce that 59 cards had been received pledging $77,400. through December 31 over the yearly giving.  The campaign will continue through September .They  are encouraged and hoping to engage more of our congregation.
  6. Senior Pastor report.  John shared that he felt encouraged in this sermon series on Mystery that Grace was beginning to worship and establish our identity.  He reported that the staff objectives were coming along on work on the staff covenant , G2C.  Picture is beginning to emerge.  He had his first day off Saturday finishing his sermon on Friday.  We celebrate that.
  7. The meeting ended with Kathy Starky closing in prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat McInnes


Elder Meeting Minutes:  August 7, 2012 

Attending:  Jim Adams, Holly Cook, Kay Gamble, Cindy Hays (remotely), Barbara Osborne, Chris Radtke, Joe Toomey, Drew Turner, John Ulrich, Harris Winston, Brian Worley

Absent:  Pat McInnes, Kathy Starkey

  1. Joe opened the meeting with a devotion on what the term “saved by grace through faith” means to him.
  2. David Osborne, chair of the governance transition team, presented a summary of the team’s key findings and recommendations to date regarding church policies and governance.  After the meeting, the elders received by email a copy of the team’s specific recommendations.
  • The team has looked at the structure of committees – primarily nominating, personnel and finance, whose members are appointed by the elders – and has recommended several changes.
  • The team also recommends changes to the preparation of communion and other worship elements through the creation of an “altar guild.”
  • The team has recommended changes to the church structure vis-à-vis reporting relationships, committees and ministries.
  • The team feels that the current church policy on sexual harassment needs to be revised, but should be evaluated by a lawyer or HR professional.

Homework:  The governance transition team is to obtain further feedback from the finance committee concerning stewardship.

The elders are to read through the documents that David sent and email feedback to each other.

  1. John and Joe opened a discussion on the “health” of Grace and a vision for Grace.

John – John compared the church’s present state with battles described in 1 Samuel 4 and 1 Samuel 7. We don’t win by having superior resources, doing what has worked in the past, or by adding God on. God is the battle. If we have his presence, we win.

While he was on vacation, John spent time thinking and praying about Grace, visiting another church’s worship service (Summit), and working on a vision for the church.

His conclusions:

* Our attention has been turned inward the last few years – it is time to reach out.
* We have to stop trying to fix the hole and add more from the top.
* Right now, we do not know what to do with visitors. The FITS group has made a move in the right direction, but we must do more.

We must develop a plan and a structure and start a culture change at Grace. We cannot really start making changes until we have a structure in place. Communication with the congregation – honest, frank communication – is key.

John has created his personal vision statement for the church – “I am trying to build a faith that makes sense by transforming people from the inside out.”  This vision clarifies what has always been John’s passion – working with those who have been exposed to Christianity but have an “outside” view of the church.

Homework:  John passed out a set of questions for everyone to think about and have ready to discuss at a meeting scheduled for Monday, Sept. 10 at 7pm. The shepherding meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 18 has been canceled.

 Joe – Joe opened a discussion to review feedback from the elders’ recent meeting on the health of Grace.

Homework:  Each elder is to look at items 3 and 4 in the summary sheet Joe passed out (and also emailed to everyone) and send an email to all detailing which items each of us would like to work on for the remainder of the year.

Joe also shared that he has been posting on Grace’s Facebook page and has communicated with the church’s web host to find out how we can get more people on our website. Joe proposed that we invest $1,200/month on search engine optimization, an ongoing process to improve a website’s ranking in search results. The designers will also make changes to the site to ensure that it is friendlier to visitors.  The elders are to read through the information he passed out so that we can make a decision next month.  A billboard on Old Wake Forest Road is also being considered as a form of outreach/advertising.

  1. Nominating Committee Report – The nominating committee will be meeting later this week to come up with a tentative slate of elder candidates. Committee members will then schedule interviews with candidates over the next two weeks.
  2. Finance committee update from Brian and Drew – Income continues to be below budget and not keeping pace with expenses.  As of August 3, the checking account balance is just over $25,000 – cash flow is an issue and will likely remain so.

The finance committee has planned a stewardship campaign for the remainder of the year.  Drew will speak to the congregation this Sunday; John will join him. Each family will be asked to pray about whether they can increase giving by $50/month from now until the end of the year.

Drew reported that the Forray money market account is down $80,000 from the beginning of the year as a result of the building renovations that have been made. The remaining balance is $64,483.

To avoid using the church’s line of credit, the finance committee would like to be able to use the Forray account to remedy the cash flow issues. The hope is that the stewardship campaign will enable the balance in the account to be replenished.

Jim made a motion that the finance committee be able to reach into the Forray account up to the total balance of $64,483 as needed to remedy cash flow issues. Harris seconded. The motion was approved.

  1. Personnel Committee Report – Cindy, reporting for the personnel committee, discussed a few personnel issues that did not require a vote.

Brian ended the meeting in prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Holly Cook


Elder Meeting Minutes:  July 3, 2012

Elders in Attendance:  Jim Adams, Holly Cook, Barbara Osborne, Chris Radtke, Kathy Starkey, Joe Toomey, Harris Winston, Kay Gamble, Pat McInnes

Pastors in Attendance:  John Ulrich, Brian Worley


  • Meeting opened with devotion and prayer by Barbara Osborne.


  • John led a discussion of chapters 5 and 6 of Spiritual Leadership;  “Moving People on to God’s Agenda” and “A Life That Moves Others to Follow”.

Governance Transition Team:

  • The final Governance Transition Team consist of:  David Osborne as chair, Holly Cook, Kathy Starkey, Kay Gamble, Mariah Best, Mary Beth Brown, Brian Worley and Phil Vice who has been added to the team.
  • The Governance Transition Team submitted a written progress report to the elder board.  The team intends to submit a final report and their recommendations to the elders by the September meeting.
  • John Ulrich suggested a “charter” be considered for each committee.

2013 Elder Nominating Committee:

  • Joe Toomey reported the nomination procedures have been revised and nomination forms have been updated.

Finance Committee:

  • Brian Worley gave a report on designated funds that now exist and will continue to exist.  Brian also reported the finance committee’s recommendation on the following designated funds to be paid out by 12-31-12:

◦      Harris Winston moved that the funds designated to Faith Ministries/Ministerio de Fe be paid out by 9/30/12 as recommended by Kathy Starkey, representing the Mission Committee.  Joe Toomey seconded the motion and all eleven elders affirmed the motion.

◦      Brian motioned that funds designated to Habitat are to be paid out in the 3rd and 4thquarters, closing on 12-31-12.  Joe Toomey seconded the motion and all eleven elders affirmed the motion.

  • Brian Worley motioned that the following accounting funds be rolled into other accounts as listed below and closed when funds have been distributed.  Brian Worley made a motion on each account and all eleven elders affirmed all motions:

FROM:                                 TO:                        MOTION SECONDED BY:

Adult Handbells                      Music                                      Harris Winston

MS Handbells                         Middle School                        Kay Gamble

Library                                    General Funds                         Kay Gamble

Young Adult Ministry             Adult Ministries                      Chris Radtke

Women of Grace                     Adult Ministries                      Kathy Starkey

Hispanic Clinic                       Outreach Fund                        Joe Toomey

FROM:                                 TO:                        MOTION SECONDED BY:

Men of Grace                          Adult Ministries                      Kathy Starkey

Singles Ministries                   Adult Ministries                      Kathy  Starkey

Prayer Ministry                       General Fund                          Kay Gamble

Tape Ministry                         Outreach Fund                        Joe Toomey

  • Brian motioned that the following accounting funds be closed and noted there were no funds in any of these accounts.  Brian Worley made a motion on each account and all eleven affirmed all motions:

FUND:                                                                       MOTION SECONDED BY:

Celebrate Recovery                                                                Kay Gamble

Band CD                                                                                 Barbara Osborne

Body & Soul                                                                           Chris Radtke

Children’s Music & Art                                                          Pat McInnes

Worship                                                                                   Holly Cook

Children’s Missions                                                                Jim Adams

Impact 2009                                                                            Joe Toomey

Opportunity International                                                       Harris Winston

ABRO                                                                                     John Ulrich

Relief Fund                                                                             Kathy Starkey

Designated for Sin Frontier                                                    Kay Gamble

Children’s Sunday School                                                      Barbara Osborne

Youth Special Fund                                                                Chris Radtke

Los Tres Sold                                                                          Pat McInnes

Los Tres Donation                                                                  Holly Cook

YCM Expenditures                                                                 Jim Adams

Middle School Offering                                                         Joe Toomey

Senior High Offering                                                              Harris Winston

Sponsor a Youth                                                                      John Ulrich

College Ministry                                                                     Kathy Starkey

  • Brian reviewed the Attendance & Giving Report for June, 2012.  While June, 2012 attendance was 2.1% higher than June, 2011, Brian expressed concern over a general drop in attendance. Joe Toomey led the elders in prayer over the growth and attendance of Grace.  It was noted that giving for the month of June, 2012 reflected a decline of 5.4% from June, 2011.
  • Brian presented his staff report for the months of May and June.  He reported that Room 123 is now freshly painted and the Atrium and hallways renovations should be completed by July 31, 2012.
  • Brian reviewed the May, 2012 Summary Financial Report and moved for the board to accept the report as written.  Pat McInnes seconded the motion and the motion was affirmed by the board.

2012 Elder Initiatives:

  • Joe Toomey discussed the 2012 Elder Initiatives and requested elders review their initiatives of personal interest.
  • Chris Radtke reported that she and Barbara Osborne have been meeting to develop their initiative of  “Congregational Mentoring in the Gospel”, and have identified four additional women to join in the leadership of this initiative.

Senior Pastor Report:

  • John Ulrich discussed concerns related to managing his time and responsibilities.  It was recommended that in the future, requests for pre-martial counseling, marriages, and funerals be presented in advance to the elder board for approval before the pastor commits to performing such services.  This recommendation was motioned by Joe Toomey and seconded by Jim Adams.  The motion was affirmed by the board.
  • John Ulrich announced there will be a staff/elder gathering on August 14, 2012 to worship and pray together, share a meal, and provide an opportunity for staff to present their plans for the upcoming year.
  • The next “Elder Shepherding” meeting will be at Grace on July 17, 2012 at 6:30 PM.  The meal will be provided by Kelley Ulrich.
  • John Ulrich lead a discussion on “baptism” with regards to recognition of baptism as an infant and re-baptism as an adult.  Jim Adams and Harris Winston volunteered to research scriptural references and other material for a later discussion by the board.
  • John Ulrich reported adult discipleship in various, on-going adult Bible studies and planned future adult Bible studies are progressing well.  However, John expressed concerns over the growth of the church.  Discussion on various factors related to church growth were started. Due to the complexity of this issue and time needed to continue the discussion, Kay Gamble recommended this matter be tabled for further discussion at a separate meeting.  A meeting for further discussion regarding church growth was scheduled for July 9, 2012 at 7:00 PM.
  • John Ulrich gave update on personnel.

Personnel Committee:

  • Joe Toomey presented the board with an update.  One motion as recommended by the personnel committee was made by Harris Winston, seconded by Pat McInnes and affirmed by vote of the board.

Pat McInnes closed the meeting in prayer.


Elder Meeting Minutes:  July 9, 2012

A discussion on July 3, 2012, related to church growth, was tabled for further discussion and rescheduled for July 9, 2012.

Elders in Attendance:  Holly Cook, Pat McInnes, Kathy Starkey, Chris Radtke, Harris Winston, Barbara Osborne, Joe Toomey, Kay Gamble

Pastors in Atendance:  John Ulrich

 Opening Prayer:  Chris Radtke

 Church Growth:

  • Joe Toomey provided a historical overview of attendance.
  • The elders discussed the health of the church and identified challenges for church growth.
  • The elders observed a time of prayer as a group.
  • Joe Toomey shared Bible verses from John 15:1-8.
  • The elders shared their ideas related to church growth, small group culture, and congregational care.
  • John Ulrich closed the meeting in prayer.

Next meeting:              Regular meeting:  August 7, 2012 at 7:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Osborne


Elder Meeting Minutes:  June 5, 2012

Elders in Attendance:  Jim Adams, Holly Cook, Cindy Hays, Barbara Osborne, Chris Radtke, Kathy Starkey, Joe Toomey, Harris Winston

Pastors in Attendance:  John Ulrich, Brian Worley

Devotion:  Meeting opened with devotion and prayer by Kathy Starkey.

Shepherding:  John led a discussion of chapters 3 and 4 of Spiritual Leadership.  How are we discerning  God’s goals and God’s resources for Grace?

Governance Transition Team:  Holly Cook reported that she, Kathy Starkey, and Brian Worley have identified and interviewed candidates for the remaining seven or eight positions of the governance transition committee.  The board affirmed the at large members that were presented.  The entire committee will be:  David Osborne as chair, Holly Cook, Kathy Starkey, Mariah Best, Mary Beth Brown, and Kay Gamble (as time permits), and Brian Worley.  There are two others who are in consideration and prayer for direction with either one or both joining the committee.  The first meeting of the entire team will be Sunday June 10.

2013 Elder Nominating Committee:  Joe Toomey reported that the committee met following the congregational approval vote.  They discussed timelines and process, noting the critical nature of choosing the right people.  He reported that the committee was excited to proceed and will present a written process to be approved by the board by email prior to the next scheduled board meeting, citing a tight timeframe toward a final elder vote on September 9 or 16.  The next committee meeting will be in two weeks.

Finance Committee:  Brian Worley reported that the finance committee continues to grow and bond as a team each month.  Three goals were identified with the theme of “Gracefully generous” (2 Cor 8:9).  The goals are:  monthly stewardship highlights to be presented to the congregation with Mark Cates developing scripts for each month (June will highlight online giving), solicitation of pledges for three areas with education of the congregation for pledging, and collaboration with the governance transition team to develop and define four responsibilities of the committee (stewardship, long range planning, capital giving, and finance).  Brian reported that income exceeds expenses for the month of April as well as year to date; however, spending will increase during the last six months with respect to rent (we received rent concession for February – May with our lease renewal) and staff increases.  Aggregate attendance records show that we have approximately 30 less in attendance at this time.  John Ulrich led the board in prayer.

Personnel Committee:  Cindy Hays presented the board with an update.  Two motions as recommended by the personnel committee were made by Harris Winston, seconded by Joe Toomey and affirmed by vote of the board.

Joe Toomey led the board in prayer for the staff.

Other Reports:  Discussion around consolidating worship to one service for the summer was tabled to later discussion and possible consideration at a later date.  John Ulrich led a discussion of worship at Grace.

Next meeting:    Regular meeting:  Tuesday July 3 at 7PM.

Shepherding meeting:  Tuesday July 17 at 6:30, home of Jim Adams

Brian Worley closed the meeting in prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Starkey


Elder Meeting Minutes:  May 1, 2012

Elders in Attendance: Jim Adams, Holly Cook, Kay Gamble, Cindy Hays, Pat McInnes, Barbara Osborne, Chris Radtke, Kathy Starkey, Joe Toomey, Drew Turner, Harris Winston

Pastors in Attendance: John Ulrich, Brian Worley

2013 Elder Nominating Committee

A list of people was developed, for membership on the 2012 Nominating Committee.  Those who agree to be members of the Nominating Committee will be ineligible to be nominated as an Elder.

Timeline:  Congregational Vote & Meeting on May 20th, Nominating Committee vote will be held on June 3rd.  Both need to be announced at least 2 weeks ahead of time.  It was suggested that the Nominating Committee vote be held between the 9:15 and 11:00 services.

Congregational Care Ministry

Brian explained that this ministry would focus on how we put systems together that will allow the leadership and the people of Grace to communicate, and to connect?  Many in the leadership feel a bit “blind” regarding the opinions and needs of the church.  Brian laid out the basic concepts for this area and work will begin in early August.

Governance Project Update

We need 426 total “yes” votes to pass the proposed changes to the Elder structure.  We currently are short by only 43 “yes” votes.

Transition Committee members will be proposed by the current team of Holly, Brian, Kathy.  The desired number of members is 8, and they will be quite active through the end of December 2012.  It was agreed that the team could proceed, and talk to the indentified individuals.  The team needs people who understand organizational structure, as well as those who can think and produce materials on a detailed level.

Complete Elder Ballot discussion

At the last meeting, we discussed the idea of changing our Elder ballot from a vote for the whole slate of nominated Elders to votes for individual nominees.  The by-laws stipulate that a paper ballot must be provided, if a request is made for this.

Motion  – Use paper ballots, with names of individuals recommended by the Nominating Committee to be Elders starting in 2013, where the congregant can vote for entire slate of nominees or for each individual with a “yes” or “no” vote.   The motion was and passed by voice vote.

Marriage Amendment

John shared his thoughts and concerns on whether or not to talk about the marriage amendment from the pulpit.  He heard the input from the Elders and asked for prayers from all on the handling of this issue on Sunday.

Personnel Committee

Report was sent to all by email, and was not discussed due to lack of time.

Finance Committee

The committee made a full recommendation to the Board that encompasses 2012-2013 budgets for Operating Expenses, Missions and developing a reserve Capital Fund.  This fund would be used for our eventual move from our current location.  The Finance Committee believes that it is important to start a reserve fund now.

Motion – To approach the congregation about adding a line item of $25,000 as a discretionary reserve fund to the 2012 budget.  The motion was seconded and approved by voice vote.

John’s Report

Both Clark and Katie have accepted their job offers.

The Appalachian Service Project had 2 very successful trips.

We recently completed a new member class, which included younger families.

The Congregational Care surveys are still being collected.

Some Adult Discipleship activities are proceeding well – Ladies Bible Study, Big Picture class will be offered again in the Fall.  John has some concerns about the Stephen’s Ministry, and the loss of the recent resignation of the coordinator after many years of service.

Reminder of our next Elder Shepherding meeting on May 15th at Jim Adam’s house.  Read the first 2 chapters of Matt Redman’s Facedown.

Respectfully submitted,
Kay Gamble


Elder Meeting Minutes:  April 3, 2012

Attendees: Barbara Osborne, Harris Winston, Brian Worley, Jim Adams, John Ulrich, Drew Turner, Chris Radtke, Joe Toomey, Holly Cook, Cindy Hays, Kathy Starkey and Kay Gamble (via phone)

Shepherding: To continue with our goal to become a more shepherding elder board, John would like the elders to begin having shepherding meetings the 3rd Tuesday every other month starting in May.  To aid us in these meetings we were asked to read “Face Down” by Matt Redman.  We will cover 2 chapters at a time during each meeting.  The dates and “themes” for these meetings will be: May 15 (Music), July 17 (Art & Liturgy), Sept. 18 (Nature) and November 13 (Silence).  In addition to reading Face Down, we will also read “Spiritual Leadership” by Henry and Richard Blackaby.  This book will help us prepare to get the right people in leadership going into 2013.  Discussions regarding this book will also be covered 2 chapters at a time during our monthly Elder meetings.

Governance Transition:  It was agreed that the nominating team needs to nominate people who will listen to God and respond to His desires. This will be important for any Elder Board but particularly with the new Elder Board if the Governance Project gets approved.

It is important that the nominating committee is formed now so we can begin shepherding them, pray with and for them and give them appropriate time to find elders to nominate for 2013.  We also agreed we wanted to give the congregation more time to get to know the nominees.  Discussions were had about who should be on the nominating committee.  We agreed to start with last year’s nominating committee (they are still seated) and add a current elder plus one at-large member.  We need to consider that some of the sitting nominating committee might be asked to step down so that they could be asked to serve as elders in 2013.  We were reminded that the congregation has to vote on the nominating committee.

We will pray for the current sitting nominating committee members to discern whether they would stay on the committee or drop off to be considered for the 2013 Elder Board.

Elder Election Balloting: There was a lot of discussion on whether we would allow the congregation to add a name to the ballot on Election Day.  The final decision was that we needed to remind the congregation that there is a process for nominating elders for the ballot.  History has shown that typically the congregation does not speak up so the nominees come from the nominating committee.   When the process starts, they can nominate individuals to the committee so they should take advantage if they have suggestions.  In addition, once the nominee list is announced, they have the right to raise concerns over nominees.  Because the congregation has a right to nominate and raise concerns prior to Election Day, the meeting to elect elders is a formality based on the church by-laws.

To help the congregation get to know the nominated elders better, we did discuss having the nominees go before the congregation and speak.

We are also praying over the decision whether to have the congregation vote on a full slate of elders or have them vote on each individual.  There will be further discussion on this point in future Elder meetings.

Marriage Amendment: The Elder Board discussed the concerns that have been brought to us from a couple of congregational members in regards to the Marriage Amendment which is on the NC state election ballot on May 8th.  We agreed to study scripture and pray but that this was not an issue that would be addressed from the pulpit.


Facilities: Discussions were had about whether we should have a capital campaign to raise $ so that we have the ability to make decisions about our building and wouldn’t necessarily be tied to staying at our current space forever.  No final decision made.  More conversations will take place in future meetings.

Stewardship Campaign: Brief discussion on having a stewardship campaign.  More details and timing of campaign will be had at future meetings.

Prayer: As with each meeting, we remind each other to continually pray for the current and future Elders.


Elder Meeting Minutes:  March 6, 2012

Attending the meeting were:  Jim Adams, Holly Cook, Kay Gamble, Cindy Hays, Pat McInnes, Chris Radtke, Kathy Starkey, Joe Toomey, Drew Turner, John Ulrich, Harris Winston, Brian Worley

The meeting started with a devotion and prayer from Holly.

A discussion of the elder governance project followed, with an update on communication to the congregation, the town hall meetings taking place next week and the upcoming congregational vote in April or May on the proposed changes to the bylaws.

Joe moved to remove from the roll those church members who have requested to be dismissed. Cindy seconded the motion.  The board voted and the motion passed.

A discussion followed about questions on governance that have been raised to date.  Concerns were voiced about the prospect of a smaller elder board and the mechanics of how the new board will work.

Kay will form a committee within two weeks that will work to define the new organizational structure that would be most effective if the bylaw changes are approved. Kathy and Holly will be part of the committee.

Doug Bergeson has worked over the last few months reading through Grace’s bylaws with an eye to inconsistencies and corrections that should be made.  The elders will read through Doug’s suggested changes after the meeting and email in whether they agree. If these changes are approved, a second vote on these minor bylaw changes that Doug has recommended will be conducted at the same time as the primary vote on the substantive bylaw changes

Brian went over the transition plan that the governance team created last year.  He explained that from the staff’s point of view, the lengthiness of decision-making and mechanism for decisions has become exhausting. The proposed governance structure will streamline governance so that the elders will be able to get back to what they are called to do. Brian clarified that the structure for the new governance is already in place – the major change will be pulling elders out of the structure and replacing them with church members so that elders can devote more time to spiritual leadership.

  • Among the concepts that elders would be able to focus on more will be shepherding. What does it mean? Also, how much will the elders need to know about the minute details of finance? Once the budget is approved each year, finance and personnel issues should be able to move down on the agenda.
  • The new nominating committee will be formed in July. Assuming the bylaw changes are approved by the congregation, this nominating committee will be very important. The elders may want to appoint the nominating committee right after the vote to give the committee plenty of time to find elder candidates.

Holly, on behalf of the governance communications committee, opened discussion of certain bylaws that could be affected by the proposed bylaw changes.

  • The elders decided to leave as is the wording of Article IV, Section 4, dealing with removal of elders.
  • The elders decided to leave as is the wording of Article III, Section 2, dealing with annual meetings.
  • Discussion of Article VII, Sections 1 and 3, dealing with procedures for calling pastors and removing pastors, was tabled to enable the meeting to move on. Some believed that with a smaller elder board, 3/4 (rather than the current 2/3) of the elders should be required to vote affirmatively to call or remove a pastor.  The discussion was completed via email; the final decision was to leave as is the wording of Article VII, Sections 1 and 3.

The elders all agreed that the bylaws should be posted on the Grace website.

Joe reopened the decision to replace Todd Boersma on the elder board for the remainder of 2012, based on a re-evaluation of the bylaws, which state that “in the event of any vacancy on the board of elders, the nominating committee may nominate one or more persons to fill such vacancy…” Drew moved to hold the elder board at 11 elders; Harris seconded.  The board voted and the motion passed.

Drew, reporting for the finance committee, announced that the committee unanimously approved the spending budget recommended by the elders. Drew moved for the elders to approve the spending budget for 2012; Joe seconded. The board voted and the motion passed.

  • Drew moved to approve the pastors’ housing allowances for 2012; Joe seconded. The board voted and the motion passed.
  • Drew moved to approve a 4% match for staff who save 8% of their salary in the 401K plan. Cindy seconded the motion. The board voted and the motion passed.
  • The finance committee will flesh out a stewardship campaign to present to the congregation. The goal is to have the plan compete by the next finance committee meeting on March 19.

Brian emailed staff reports to the elders before the meeting.  He also emailed the attendance and giving report –attendance this year is close to what it was last year – an average of 480 per week. Giving averaged $19,000/week for the first 10 weeks of the year.

Pat encouraged all elders to join the worship team in prayer this Sunday at 9am in Brian’s office.

Brian and John reported that the staff retreat went very well, and that the time was spent talking, praying, affirming and confessing. They are encouraged by the sense of unity among staff members.

The meeting concluded with a prayer from Pat.


Elder Meeting Minutes:  February 7, 2012

In Attendance: Murry Haber, Barbara Osborne, Drew Turner, Holly Cook, Brian Worley, Cindy Hays, Kathy Starkey, Joe Toomey, John Ulrich, Harris Winston, Jim Adams, Todd Boersma

The meeting was opened with a devotional and prayer by Todd Boersma followed by a time of prayer for Andy Delbridge and his family.

Pastor John instructed elders regarding a journaling assignment designed to capture our thoughts, feelings and prayers on the worship experience at Grace. The elders were asked to be praying for the upcoming series John will be preaching on forgiveness. John also led us in prayer for Pastor Andrew Nino and our sister church.

Joe Toomey reviewed and elders discussed the proposed Elder Initiatives for 2012.  Elders took an action to pray about the initiatives they would like to lead and/or participate in and will contact Joe to let him know which of these areas they have an interest in. We will refine and finalize our 2012 Initiatives based on this feedback. Joe also reviewed elder responsibilities including liaison assignments and communion duties. Pastor Brian explained that Ginger’s new role will allow for better awareness and communication of special circumstances impacting communion needs in the future.

January 10 and 24 meeting minutes were approved.

Drew Turner and Pastor Brian presented two alternative budgets for the board’s consideration which have been prepared by the finance committee. Elders were asked to send any budget questions or comments to Drew and Brian before the next meeting. In the meantime, we have been instructed to be in prayer about the budget and to listen for God’s direction. We will vote on the 2012 budget at the February 21 meeting.

Brian reported on the Governance Project-Communication Committee. Joe shared that Tony Voiers and Michelle Starbuck have agreed to co-chair this committee and will be forming their team shortly to move forward with communication plans.

Cindy Hays reported on personnel. She shared that an offer has been made to a potential staffer in youth ministry. The latest possible decision timetable is March 31.

The missions team has been active and the scope of upcoming events for the first half of the year was presented by Kathy Starkey.

John and Brian presented their pastor’s reports. An action item coming out of this report is that Cindy Hays will coordinate an opportunity for the staff to spend some time with the new board.

The meeting closed in prayer.


Elder Meeting Minutes:  January 24, 2012

Present:  John Ulrich, Murry Haber, Brian Worley, Todd Boersma, Kay Gamble, Pat McInnes, Kathy Starkey, Joe Toomey, Drew Turner, Jim Adams, Holly Cook, Cindy Hays, Barbara Osborne, Chris Radtke, and Harris Winston attended the elder meeting.

Following dinner John led a discussion regarding shepherding meetings and spiritual formation ideas: reading a good book to better understand what worship is, journaling our thoughts and experiences regarding personal and church worship, sharing worship moments, praying for our corporate worship.

  1. Brian Worley facilitated a discussion of some of the popular elder initiatives/objectives and what those mean to the elders.
  2. Brian led a discussion of a review of last year’s finances (Income Statement) providing insights to both giving and line item expenses.  This discussion was concluded with the presentation of a rough draft of three 2012 potential budgets.  The Finance Committee will further refine the budget for presentation at the February 7 meeting.  Drew Turner offered insights and shared some of the discussions had by the Finance Committee in regards to the budget.

The meeting concluded in prayer.

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