Who we yearn to become in the midst of refinement and challenges.

We yearn:

To further develop our heart for worship. We long to worship the Living God. Paradoxically, this desire births yet another desire: to clearly articulate and embrace a philosophy of worship—what we do in worship and why.

To be a body of one heart and one mind. We long to love God and one another in such ways that grace, mercy, forgiveness, and reconciliation are as natural to us as breathing. We long to be a church and a gathered people where “it’s not about me”: it’s about the Kingdom of God.

To completely embrace the journey of spiritual formation. We long to be a place where people, regardless of where they are on their faith journeys, feel welcomed, challenged, nurtured, strengthened, and encouraged to live their lives as followers of Jesus Christ.

To further develop the priority of prayer. We long to become a church of prayer in spirit, in truth, and in our experience together. To radically depend upon prayer, to cultivate a church lifestyle of prayer, and to attentively watch for God’s movement through prayer are our deep desires.

To strengthen our commitment to be a “sending church.” While we are just beginning to embrace our identity as a sending church of missionaries, we hope to continue to grow into an intentionality of what that looks like both for our long and short term missionaries and those of us who are called to “stay home.”