Elder Vote 2022

Dear Grace Partners,

At the request of the Board of Elders, the Nominating Committee seeks to replace three vacated seats on the board that will need to be filled at the end of this year. Per this request, the Nominating Committee has submitted three candidates to be approved by the Elder Board and presented to the church for a Partnership vote.

As a Grace Partner, you are entitled to vote on the three candidates presented to and affirmed by the board at its meeting on July 5th: Terry Banks, Tom Sartorius, and Jordan Shaw. These three candidates were recommended to the Nominating Committee by Partners in April of this year, then completed in-depth questionnaires and met with committee members, and finally are being submitted as candidates by the board of Elders. If approved by Grace Partners, they will serve three-year terms, beginning in January of 2023, with optional extensions in years four, five and six.

Please vote for each candidate below and submit your vote anytime between today and Sunday, August 14th, 2022.

Thank you!

Your Board of Elders

  • Terry Banks

    Elder Candidate
  • Tom Sartorius

    Elder Candidate
  • Jordan Shaw

    Elder Candidate

If you wish to express concerns regarding any of the candidates, please email the Grace Raleigh Elders at elders@graceraleigh.org.