That’s right Grace! The HOOT is BACK! And we believe, better than ever!

Following the service on September 26th, we will have our THIRD EVER SOMETIMES ANNUAL HOOTENANNY! And we cannot wait.

God has given us a lot to celebrate. He’s seen us through – and continues to see us through – this pandemic. He’s strengthened our church and our faiths. He’s strengthened our families and brought even more families to Grace, even in a time when church doesn’t feel “normal”. We have big reasons to offer celebratory praise!

So we are going to gather as a community and enjoy one another, celebrate all that God has done and is doing in our lives and in our church, and welcome in the Fall – as it is clearly the best season of the year. We hope that you and your family can make it a priority to be here!

As an added incentive to attend, we are going to be giving away our best t-shirt ever and you can ONLY get it if you come to the HOOT in person (folks who are watching online and wouldn’t feel comfortable attending an outdoor party, we hope you will at least drive through, get your shirts, and wave at your church family!).

We can’t wait to see you there!