February 5, 2017
Katie Henry Murad
“Alive in Unity” 

Pre-Message Notes from the Weekly Gracevine

Gracevine  February 2, 2017
Katie Henry Murad

Have you ever felt like you’ve hit a wall? Do you feel as if you’re in a slump and trying to find your motivation? Do you ever feel cut off from the world around you?

We’re in a time of the year where we can find ourselves just doing what we can to make it to summer vacation and warmer weather. I believe something similar can happen to us in our faith. We may have modeled our lives after Christ for a number of years, but it’s become routine. We may know much about God, but have created dividing lines between ourselves and others. But God doesn’t want us to just stay in our routine. God doesn’t want us to remain divided. God desires for us to be ALIVE and ALIVE IN UNITY!

This weekend is an epic one for our youth ministry. We’ll be hosting META 2017 at Grace and we’re excited about the fun and transformation that will occur in our midst this weekend. Our students will be looking at the book of Ephesians and what it means to be alive in Christ.

I hope Sunday morning, when we gather as one body, supporting and welcoming our students, we would remember that we find our life in Christ. I pray we would be reminded we can come alive as the children of God because Christ has broken down ALL divisions and made us all one humanity.

Because of Christ we can know that we no longer have to exist in the humdrum of daily living but can find our true expression and passion in Jesus. We have set aside things that have divided us from the people around us and things that have divided us from the people we long to become for God.

“The good news of the book of Ephesians, is that in this broken world reconciliation is no longer merely a dream, a longing for what once was and a hope for what someday might be, but something that already is.”

Join us Sunday at Grace to celebrate the ways God has made us alive and unified because of the life, death and resurrection of our peace, Jesus Christ. See you Sunday!