March 8, 2015

By Brian Worley, Executive Pastor

Mark 3:7-35

In Mark 3:7-35, Mark tells us of Jesus’ growing kingdom of spectators. The numbers of people who want to have a “piece” of the action keeps growing with each group having a separate agenda.

Mark describes four groups of people, as if he were awarding them an “Oscar”: The Best Fan, The Chosen Disciples, The Most Worried Family Member, and The Leading Accuser.

1. The Best Fan

Mark 3:7-12. The crowds which followed Jesus were very self seeking and needy as they sought miracle after miracle; Jesus healed many. In contrast, the evil spirits honored Jesus by recognizing Him as God; Jesus shut them up.

2. The Chosen Disciples

Mark 3:13-19. Jesus invited 12 individually named apostles to be with Him, a significant group for a special mission. These apostles would be the future of His Kingdom, and He gave them authority to drive out demons.

3. The Most Worried Family Member

Mark 3:20,21. At a house, family members accused Jesus by saying, “He is out of His mind.” Perhaps they were concerned that too much work was causing Him to lose His mind, or that it was simply family time, like mental health hours, and He was not complying. The family wanted to take charge of Jesus.

4. The Leading Accuser

Mark 3: 22-30. The teachers of the law came down to check out the miracle worker, and accuse Jesus of being Beelzebub, Satan himself. Jesus responded in parables: A kingdom cannot be divided. The strong man (Satan) is bound and plundered. Jesus answered those who did not acknowledge who He was by showing them God’s willingness to forgive when they are willing to bow their hearts to His authority. However, an unwilling heart toward God (Holy Spirit), would never be forgiven.

Even today, many want to be a fan of Jesus Christ, yet if we do not get what we want, we accuse Him of not giving us what we need. Our own desires become greater than the One who is King.

Like the family and teachers, we want to keep our own control and power.

Like the apostles, we could follow Jesus by surrendering all, and with Jesus’ anointing, we would be set apart to carry to others the message of the Kingdom. With His Spirit working in us, we too could bow the knee and open our lives to the Truth that Jesus Christ is God.