October 4, 2015

By John Ulrich, Senior Pastor

Genesis 2:18-23

This “With” Series offers broad principles to everyone, married or single, who wishes to live life the way God has designed for us. Today we look at the principle of “treasuring what God has provided” from Genesis 2:18-23.

1.  Observing movements in the story and the creation of Eve for Adam

  •  God’s promise

In Genesis 1:27, God made Adam, who was the pinnacle of His creation. He loved Adam so much that He placed him in the perfect environment of Eden, pronouncing His creation “good” six times in Genesis 1 and “very good” when He was finished (Genesis1:31). Yet when God saw that Adam (man) was alone, He declared it “not good” and promised to create a “helper suitable for him” (Genesis 2:18). This “helper” was to be a corresponding companion, indispensable and complementary to Adam.

  • Adam’s search

Before any provision of a helper, however, Adam was asked by God to name the animals of creation one by one (Genesis 2:19). Here God seemed to be highlighting and emphasizing the other creatures so that when a suitable helper was found for him, Adam could recognize the incredible value of what God had made for him.

  • God Himself provides movement

God fulfilled His promise and created a woman for Adam from his rib (Genesis 2:21,22).  This woman was like Adam because of his humanity, but not exactly like him.  Adam reveled in the creation of woman who was “bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh” (Genesis 2:23), like him and yet different from him.  God had saved the best for last in creation. Now Adam had someone who could understand and complete him: “they shall become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24).

2.  The principle of Genesis 2

In the entire story of the creation of Adam and Eve (Genesis 1-3), God pointed out clearly the principle that what He provides for us is always better than what we could find on our own. At Creation, He provided an ideal environment (Eden) where man was given all he needed to be happy. As the ultimate provision, God gave Adam a companion, Eve (Genesis 2), whom Adam could never have dreamed up on his own.

As long as Adam and Eve simply obeyed God, all was truly good.  God’s people discovered this principle centuries later, as they obeyed God and left Egypt and entered the promised land of Israel that God had prepared for them.

3.  How this principle applies in our lives

  •  Generally, we are to treasure the lifestyle that God has provided to each of us.

Under His protection, God calls us as Christians to live a life of faith and simple obedience to Him, connecting with this life through such means as responding to the Holy Spirit within us, our prayers, scripture and other Christians in His Church.

Now we can live a life where God Himself has our own best interests in mind and He Himself can execute them.  No longer do we have to listen to the original lie of Adam that we ourselves can find something greater, that we ourselves know right and wrong (Genesis 3).

  • In marriage, we are to treasure the spouse that God has provided.

It was indeed a holy moment in God’s creation when after He had provided a perfect environment for Adam, He then created Eve with whom he could be united and “become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). Now Adam was understood, encouraged and attracted to his very own human companion.

Eve was described as “suitable” for Adam.  “Suitable” in Hebrew means the “opposite, according to.”  Part of God’s plan was that the original man and woman be intentionally opposite and complementary so that in treasuring their differences, they could learn from each other and grow.  In treasuring each other, these differences become life-giving; if differences are devalued, they can become toxic and infuriating.


Father, if we are married, help us to treasure our spouse, our companion, the one whom God provided for us with a different personality, passions, and even wounds.  For all of us, married or single, please enter our hearts through your Spirit by helping us to value and treasure the way of life you have provided in your goodness for us. Help us simply to obey. Amen