March 16, 2014

by John Ulrich

  • 5 strategies for discipleship
    • Connecting to God
    • Creating a culture
    • Intentional Discipleship
    • Spiritual Risk
    • Making Room for others
  • Concepts: It is a risk to truly take your place in the body of a local church. It’s a risk because you are making yourself responsible (saying “you can count on me”). This feels even riskier for us because today’s society is so mobile that commitment is often optional. It’s risky because it requires us to work with other people, who might be difficult…or weird. It’s even more risky in a diverse church like Grace. Nevertheless, Paul tells us to go for it. To truly find and exercise our gift to the fullest.

Application Idea: Is there a good inventory to help people find their gifting? I’m hesitant to go with a cookie-cutter gift inventory, but is there something we can have for people to pick up or find on the website?