In this series, called “This Is Us,” we are walking through Grace Raleigh’s newly unveiled strategy of attract, connect, grow and multiply, focusing on one aspect of the strategy each week.


March 4, 2018
This Is Us Week 4 – “Multiply”
Nate Rector


February 25, 2018
This Is Us Week 3 – “Grow”
Nate Rector


February 18, 2018
This Is Us Week 2 – “Connect”
Nate Rector


Unfortunately, hardware issues prevented us from being able to record the message from February 11.
February 11, 2018
This Is Us Week 1 – “Attract”
Nate Rector

Prepare for each week’s message by following the daily Bible reading plan developed by Grace Raleigh’s senior pastor, Nate Rector.

Click on the chart for a link to a downloadable reading plan or find one here.