Who we are as God has molded and shaped us over time.

We are:

A family-centered suburban church. Our location in North Raleigh means that one of our prime vocations is ministering to, and being ministered by, members drawn from the immediate suburban area. We believe in strong, nurturing development of our children; in turn, our young people teach us all, no matter our age.

An interdenominational church. We spring from a PCUSA background, but as an interdenominational church, our membership and staff are mixed in backgrounds and churches of origin.

A church with foundational ministries. We recognize that life change happens at every level at Grace. Nonetheless, our youth program, Stephen Ministry, and outreach initiatives are uniquely used by God in our demographics and circumstance as a family-centered suburban church to draw, nurture, and send our members out as ambassadors to Christ.

A church where biblical communication and expository preaching are a priority. We embrace the Kingdom of God and its effect on our lives and decisions in a secular world. As such, we do not have a “political pulpit” where any one ideology or affiliation is preached.

A church where strong lay leadership is key. Our staff has consistently encouraged and equipped members to “step up to the plate” and lead Sunday schools, Bible studies, and mission trips. We believe in, and live out, the “priesthood of all believers.”