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  • September 3, 2023

    Nate Rector

  • The Book of Jude
    In the small book of Jude, we have a great depiction of how the Bible remains both remarkably deep and yet easy to to approach and apply.

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  • The Book of Jude
    September 3, 2023 • Nate Rector CURRENTLY WATCHING

    In the small book of Jude, we have a great depiction of how the Bible remains both remarkably deep and yet easy to to approach and apply.

  • The Books of 1, 2, & 3 John
    August 27, 2023 • Nate Rector

    The three letters of John to the churches are only a combined 7 chapters long. And yet in this brief collection, John reiterates a singular idea 12 times! Why? What is the idea and why is it so important?

  • The Books of 1 & 2 Peter
    August 20, 2023 • Nate Rector

    Peter was one of the disciples closest to Jesus, as well as one of the most influential leaders in the early church. What did he have to say to the saints at the end of his ministry?

  • The Book of Hebrews
    August 13, 2023 • Nate Rector

    Hebrews goes to great lengths to explain the supremacy of Christ by highlighting the different ways in which Jesus is superior to differing elements within the Hebrew culture. But why does the superiority of Jesus still matter to us today?

  • The Book of Acts
    August 6, 2023 • Nate Rector

    The book of Acts serves as a telling of the great work of the Holy Spirit that links the two great works of Jesus. Further, it shows us that the Spirit is still working today.

  • The Book of 2 Thessalonians
    July 30, 2023 • Kyle Tolbert

    In 2 Thessalonians, Paul writes to clear up some misunderstandings the Thessalonians had about the Second Coming of Christ. Paul's ultimate goal is to remind the Thessalonian Christ-Followers that the Lord had placed them exactly where they were, on purpose, and had a plan for them in their normal lives, for as long as they were still on earth. And that is a truth worth reflecting on and celebrating!

  • The Book of James
    July 23, 2023 • Erin Winston

    Have you ever wished for an instruction manual for living your life in light of your faith? Well, you have come to the right place, as we unpack the book of James and his practical tips for living a life for Jesus.

  • The Book of Colossians
    July 9, 2023 • Aaron Gibson

    If Paul’s heart behind the letter to the Colossians was to tell us how a Christian is supposed to live, why did he start with what a Christian is supposed to believe? How different would our lives look if we focused on the simple belief and life that Paul is pointing out in this incredible letter?

  • The Book of 1 Thessalonians
    July 2, 2023 • Kyle Tolbert

    What stands out in 1 Thessalonians is the way Paul goes about teaching and ministering to the people of Thessalonica. As we unpack this letter together, what will be revealed is a genuine, relational love between Paul and the people of Thessalonica that reflects the love of Christ and offers an open door to speak the truth of Jesus.

  • The Book of John
    June 25, 2023 • Nate Rector

    John is the most unique of the Gospels and beckons us to know Christ, that we would find life in Him.

  • The Book of Luke
    June 18, 2023 • Nate Rector

    Why did Luke craft an entire Gospel with the intent of displaying the humanity of Christ? The answer is what separates Jesus from all other gods.

  • The Book of Mark
    June 11, 2023 • Nate Rector

    The Gospel of Mark depicts Jesus as a servant, which, when we think about it, runs counter to all we would expect of a person seated in a position of maximum power.

  • The Book of Matthew
    June 4, 2023 • Nate Rector

    The Gospel of Matthew was written to the Jewish community to show them Jesus actually was the Messiah. They needed this Gospel because they were prevented from seeing Jesus due to their unfair expectations of Him. What expectations do we have of Jesus that could potentially blind us?